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Affordable Diagnostic Imaging Integration, Service, & Support

ETEK Services is an industry leading provider of advanced and affordable diagnostic imaging equipment to healthcare providers and service organizations all over North America. Since 1989, we have provided our customers with an alternative to the OEM without compromising quality or customer care. We specialize in GE CT and MRI service and support. We also maintain an extensive inventory of systems and parts that enables us to get what you need fast.

Need an MRI or CT system? We can help. From sales, mobile MRI and CT leasing and rentals, we’ve got you covered. Etek Services can get you started and draft a customized contract to bring you the support you need. We offer 24/7 emergency maintenance at no extra cost, provide consulting services, and can help you build a facility from the ground up. Etek Services gives clients an affordable alternative to OEM service—without sacrificing quality or increasing downtime.

MRI & CT Scanner Service Capabilities

Our knowledgeable experts provide service, installation and sales for CT & MRI imaging systems. We offer a proven, no-hassle alternative to the OEMs. Whether you need 24/7 service and support, part repair or replacement, our engineers are well trained, experienced and available around-the-clock for full service and support whenever you require it. We also provide remote monitoring and diagnostics, and can often perform certain repairs remotely, which saves you both time and money.

Turnkey CT & MRI Scanner Installation

ETEK Services is a leading independent CT and MRI service provider for models from GE® and Siemens®, as well as other manufacturers of scanner and imaging equipment to biomedical engineers, private medical offices, health clinics and hospitals. In addition, we provide veterinarian CTs and MRIs, and have many systems operating in the veterinary market. We can provide custom turnkey CT and MRI scanner installation within any facility.

CT & MRI Scanner Upgrades

We can provide scanner upgrades for your current CT or MRI machine. Our expert engineers will perform your CT and MRI upgrades directly within your facility over the weekend to minimize any scanner downtime. Upgrading your MRI or CT scanner is a viable alternative option to purchasing an entirely new system. Our CT and MRI scanner upgrades will allow your older machine to function on the same level as newer scanners.

CT & MRI Scanner Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your CT or MRI scanner minimizes downtime and maximizes performance. Whether the MRI cold-head needs replacing or the cyro needs refilling, we can help. With regular maintenance we can monitor cold-head operation, cryogen boil off rates or CT tube statistics and system error trends to anticipate potential problems with the systems.

Mobile CT & MRI Scanner Rentals

Our mobile scanners are ready to be deployed as interim or permanent CT and MRI rentals. Our mobile scanners are ideal for providing state-of-the-art CT & MRI service solutions when your regular facility is being upgraded or if new building construction is causing patient backlog. Our expert technicians can also provide support and repair services for your mobile CT or MRI imaging system.

CT & MRI Scanner Service & Support

At ETEK Services we can provide removal or replacement services for CAT scanners and new or used CT scanner and MRI machines. We also provide detailed scanner maintenance services that can extensively monitor your machine at all hours of the day.

Animal Hospital & Veterinarian Scanner Services

Our specialized CT & MRI imaging systems service and sales solutions for animal hospitals and veterinarian clinics. Our customer orientated approach provides a solid alternative to that of traditional OEMs. Our expert engineers are well trained, experienced and are available for 24/7, around-the-clock service, support, repair or part replacement. We also provide remote monitoring and diagnostics, with the capability of completing many repairs remotely, saving you significant time and money.

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