a wheeled mobile truck attachment that contains a medical scanner, for mobile CT and MRI scanning services

the inside of a mobile medical scanner room, with monitors, cupboards and an MRI scanner

the inside of a mobile medical scanner room, with a sink and an MRI scanner

Mobile CT & MRI Scanner Rentals

ETEK has several mobile scanners ready to be deployed as interim or permanent CT and MRI rentals. Our mobile scanners are ideal for providing state-of-the-art CT & MRI service solutions when your regular facility is being upgraded or if new building construction is causing patient backlog. Our expert technicians can also provide support and repair services for your mobile CT or MRI imaging system.

Contact ETEK Services today for information about our comprehensive CT and MRI scanner services and support! We provide many flexible options to meet your specific CT & MRI scanner requirements.

Mobile CT & MRI Scanner Service Options

Depending on your specific requirements, ETEK has a large fleet of GE and Toshiba Mobile CT & MRI Scanners that can be leased for short-term or long-term periods. We offer the highest quality mobile trailers and scanners in the industry. We take great pride in our units and have a large customer reference list that is available for review upon request. The mobile CT & MRI machines that we have available for lease include the following:

  • GE 128 Slice 
  • GE 64 Slice
  • GE 16 Slice
  • Pop-Out CT Trailers
  • GE 23X – 1.5T Channel System
  • GE 16X – 1.5T 16 Channel System

All our lease option scanner service units are exceptionally clean, including extensive options and coils. We also offer flexible contracting and pricing on all our mobile lease options.

Fully Customizable Turnkey Approach to mobile CT & Mobile MRI Scanners

At ETEK Services we specialize in GE® and Siemens® brand CT and MRI machines, but we can service and sell any brand. We can sell and install all types of MRI and CT machines, but our driven purpose is to provide full turnkey services and support for both new and pre-owned MRI and CT machines. We work closely with your engineers to develop a fully-synchronized approach that supports your specific needs. Whether you are more focused on 24/7 support, or basic support with parts service, we can cater to your exact requirements.

Contact ETEK for Mobile CT & MRI Scanner Rental and Leasing

Contact us for more information regarding our mobile MRI and CT machine rental and lease options that can be delivered to any location. We also offer fully customizable CT & MRI service options that can be designed to fit your exact requirement needs.