The inside of a refurbished medical scanner

CT & MRI Scanner Upgrades

At ETEK Services we can provide scanner upgrades for your current CT or MRI machine. Our expert engineers will perform your CT and MRI upgrades directly within your facility over the weekend to minimize any scanner downtime. Upgrading your used MRI or CT scanner is a viable alternative option to purchasing an entirely new system. Our CT and MRI scanner upgrades will allow your older machine to function on the same level as newer scanners.

Contact us for more information regarding our CT and MRI scanner upgrade options, or call us at 888-413-3835 and we would be happy to assist you with any questions that you may have. We also offer ongoing service and support options for your MRI or CT scanner, request a quote for ongoing service pricing today.

Medical Imaging Upgrade Services

ETEK Services can provide technological system upgrades that will allow your MRI or CT scanner to provide you with advanced speed and performance, which will provide greater overall service options for your machine. Our premium MRI and CT services will allow you to upgrade your existing equipment so your patients can enjoy all the benefits of modern-day technology without having to replace your entire machine.

MRI Scanner Upgrades

ETEK Services provides any level of MRI scanner upgrades without having to change out the machine’s existing magnet. We can also service the electronics within your MRI machine to upgrade it to a newer platform, which will allow it to perform up to present day technological standards.

Contact ETEK for CT & MRI Scanner Upgrades Today

Contact us for more information regarding our CT & MRI scanner upgrade opportunities and available ongoing service options. At ETEK we have the capabilities to sell, buy, install, lease or service all types of CT & MRI scanner machines. Request a quote today for an in-depth price proposal that is based on your specific requirement needs.