the inside of an MRI machine receiving maintenance

Reduce Downtime with CT & MRI Scanner Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your CT or MRI scanner minimizes downtime and maximizes performance. Whether the MRI cold-head needs replacing or the cyro needs refilling, we can help. With regular maintenance we can monitor cold-head operation, cryogen boil off rates or CT tube statistics and system error trends to anticipate potential problems with the systems.

Contact us for more information regarding our CT and MRI scanner maintenance and part service options, or call us at 888-413-3835 and we would be happy to assist you with any questions that you may have.

CT & MRI Maintenance with No Additional Fees

CT Systems are only as good as the service behind them. Our approach of 24/7 Service Support for our customers is unique in the industry. Most OEM and third-party service companies offer typical Monday - Friday 9 am - 5 pm coverage. After hours or weekend coverage usually results in large overtime charges. Our contracted customers enjoy our dedication to immediate and fast service if a problem with your CT or MRI scanner should arise. We do not believe in overtime charges for emergency CT and MRI repairs. Your charges will be solely based on your chosen service contract.

We understand that each customer has different service needs and budgets, and we can custom tailor a service solution that keeps your equipment running smoothly.

Convenient Maintenance and Repair Scheduling

Additionally, our expert service engineers can schedule regular maintenance service arrival times that are convenient for your clinic, limiting or eliminating operational downtimes.

Local CT & MRI Precision Parts for Fast Service

Our extensive inventory of parts is one of the largest in the industry. We have a large inventory of parts throughout the country, including part housing facilities in Colorado, Tennessee, and Southern Florida. Our part hub facilities enable us to service our customers quickly, without wasting valuable time sourcing parts. Maximizing scanner uptime is our number one priority!

At ETEK Services we have the parts you need in stock and ready to ship. From X-Ray Tubes to Circuit Boards, Power Supplies, High Voltage Items to System Cables, and more.

Fully Customized CT & MRI Service Contracts

At ETEK Services we can custom tailor your service and maintenance contracts to your specific needs. We offer 24/7 coverage or 9 to 5 options based on your operational requirements. We also provide offsite diagnostic capabilities for extended CT & MRI scanner service coverage. Our contracts provide parts and labor coverage, or labor contract only options.

Contact ETEK Regarding Our Flexible CT & MRI Scanner Maintenance Contracts Today

Contact us for more information regarding our extremely flexible CT & MRI scanner maintenance, parts and service contract options. At ETEK we have the capabilities to sell, buy, install, lease or service all types of CT & MRI scanner machines. Request a quote today for an in-depth price proposal that is based on your specific maintenance and part needs.