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CT & MRI Scanners

At ETEK Services we provide service, installation, and sales for CT & MRI imaging systems. We provide a proven, no-hassle alternative to the OEMs. Whether you need 24/7 emergency service and support, a part repair or replacement, our engineers are well trained, experienced and available around-the-clock for full service and support whenever you require it. We also provide remote monitoring and diagnostics, and can often perform certain repairs remotely, which saves you both time and money.

An Affordable Alternative to OEM Service—Without Sacrificing Quality or Increasing Downtime

Need an MRI or CT system? We can help. From sales to mobile and fixed MRI and CT leasing and rental options, we’ve got you covered. ETEK Services can get you started by drafting a customized contract to bring you the support you need. We also offer consulting services that are designed to provide you with the knowledge to assist your facility build from the ground up.

Complete Turnkey CT & MRI Service, Sales & Installation

At ETEK Services we specialize in GE® and Siemens® brand CT and MRI machines, but we can service and sell any brand. We can sell and install all types of MRI and CT machines, but our driven purpose is to provide full turnkey services and support for both new and pre-owned MRI and CT machines. We work closely with your engineers to develop a fully-synchronized approach that supports your specific needs. Whether you are more focused on 24/7 support, or basic support with parts service, we can cater to your exact requirements.

End of Life System Upgrades

It is often difficult to access parts for older MRI and CT machines that the OEMs are no longer manufacturing. Once these machines reach the end of life status, necessary replacement parts are no longer produced by the OEM, which can make repairing an older CT or MRI machine difficult. However, at ETEK Services we own and stock thousands of OEM parts for models that have reached their end of life. With our OEM parts, we can often add years of life to your older CT or MRI machine, without having to purchase an entirely new system. We can upgrade older machines, bringing them up to current status.

We Are Your CT & MRI Systems Partners

From deciding which system is best for your clinic or hospital, to fully inspecting, de-installing and installing an MRI or CT system at a new site, we are your partners throughout the project and promise to stay with you after the initial service or sale. We work with you to draft creative and flexible contracts that are customized to fit your business’s financial and equipment goals.

Though there are many MRI and CT machine brokers who sell systems and parts, what sets us apart is our service. All our engineers are OEM trained, and we guarantee that any work performed by ETEK Services will always meet or exceed OEM specifications.

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Contact us for more information regarding our wide range of sales, installation and service options regarding new and used MRI and CT machines. We also offer mobile MRI and mobile CT rental options that can be delivered to any location. Call us at 888-413-3835.