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CT & MRI Scanner Service & Support

Depending on the size of your medical or veterinary facility, varying patient loads, reallocation of financial resources and shifting areas of specialization, your CT and MRI Scanner needs may change over time. At ETEK, we provide you with outstanding 24/7 maintenance, service, and support. We utilize our own parts, so there is no part ordering downtime. Our trained and qualified engineers will have your CT or MRI machine up and running in a matter of hours, not days.

ETEK supports you up front with top of the line 24/7 service or act as consultants to back up your in-house scanner operators and maintenance personnel. We provide only the services you request and remain as flexible as necessary to match your requirements. Our outstanding CT and MRI service separates ETEK from brokers and equipment dealers that do not provide 24/7 ongoing support and maintenance.

Contact us for more information regarding our CT & MRI 24/7 service, support, and maintenance options, or call us at 888-413-3835 and we will gladly answer your specific questions. ETEK is your trusted source for CT and MRI scanner service and support options.

CT & MRI Diagnostic Scanners

ETEK Services’ engineers and technical staff understand the complex electronic and mechanical components behind computed tomography imaging and magnetic resonance imaging. ETEK specializes in providing pre-owned and refurbished diagnostic scanners, diagnostic imaging system support and services. CT scanners, CAT scanners, MRI scanners and mobile CT and MRI are part of every project we undertake.

Customized CT & MRI Scanner Service Contracts

Since needs differ from facility to facility, we offer individualized and non-conventional contract types.  We are as flexible as necessary when providing scanner equipment or service. We offer a shared risk plan, for example, where customers ultimately determine the percent of participation, they are comfortable with. We also offer a 24/7 service contract with no overtime.

A popular service contract option is a CAP contract. For a monthly or quarterly fee, ETEK provides:

  • Periodic maintenance
  • Free phone support
  • Guaranteed emergency response
  • A lower rate on time and materials

The CAP contract includes replacement scanner parts discounted an average 40% to 80% over OEM pricing.  In addition, we guarantee a CAP on the billing over the year. Billing is minimized if the equipment has little down time. If the equipment experiences a long down situation, the CAP covers you from going over budget for the entire year.

Turnkey Diagnostic MRI & CT Scanner Installations

At ETEK, we handle turnkey diagnostic scanner projects from start to finish. We work directly with you throughout the entire project, including finance and insurance. We consult with your facility to work out all the relevant scanner details for the installation, and when required, de-installation of the present unit.

From upgrading or refurbishing your existing equipment to supplying an entirely new system, we will customize the service contract to best accommodate your facility needs and requirements for an entirely smooth installation. Find out more about our individualized scanner service contracts.

CT & MRI Scanner Upgrade Services

ETEK Services can provide technological system upgrades that will allow your MRI or CT scanner to provide you with advanced speed and performance, which will provide greater overall service options for your machine. Our premium MRI and CT services will allow you to upgrade your existing equipment so your patients can enjoy all the benefits of modern-day technology without having to replace your entire machine. 

CT and MRI upgrades can be scheduled to be done directly within your facility and we’ll also work over the weekend to minimize any scanner downtime.

CT & MRI Scanner Maintenance

Regular maintenance minimizes downtime and maximizes performance. Whether the MRI cold-head needs replacing or the cyro needs refilling, we can help. With regular maintenance we can monitor cold-head operation, cryogen boil off rates or CT tube statistics and system error trends to anticipate potential problems with the systems.

Our expert service engineers will arrive at a time that is convenient for your clinic’s schedule, limiting or eliminating operational downtimes. Additionally, ETEK provides stationary and mobile CT and MRI service and modality components to locations throughout the country.

CT & MRI Imaging System Mobile Scanner Rentals

ETEK has several mobile scanners ready to be deployed as interim or permanent CT and MRI rentals. For example, if you are in the process of upgrading, or a new building construction is causing patient backlog, we can provide support and repair services for your mobile CT or MRI imaging system needs. We lease the following types of Mobile CT & MRI Scanners:

  • GE 128 Slice
  • GE 64 Slice
  • GE 16 Slice
  • Pop-Out CT Trailers
  • GE 23X – 1.5T Channel System
  • GE 16X – 1.5T 16 Channel System

GE CT Service, MRI Service, and Mobile CT & MRI Service Provider

ETEK Services is a GE CT service provider. This has been our mission since the company started and remains our special area of expertise. We do not however, limit ourselves to one line. ETEK OEM- trained engineers provide servicing for many other MRI and CT scanner makes and models. Whatever your line or system, ETEK engineers remain dedicated to keeping it in top condition at the most reasonable cost.

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Contact us for more information regarding our CT & MRI 24/7 service, maintenance, and support options, or request a quote for further pricing details today. ETEK is your premier resource for advanced CT & MRI service options.