CT & MRI imaging systems for animal hospitals and veterinarian clinics

CT scanner system and display monitor

Veterinary CT & MRI Imaging System Services

At ETEK Services, we provide specialized CT & MRI imaging systems service and sales solutions for animal hospitals and veterinarian clinics. Our customer orientated approach provides a solid alternative to that of traditional OEMs. Our expert engineers are well trained, experienced and are available for 24/7, around-the-clock service, support, repair or part replacement. We also provide remote monitoring and diagnostics, with the capability of completing many repairs remotely, saving you significant time and money.

Contact us for more information regarding our pre-owned and refurbished CT & MRI diagnostic scanners, imaging systems, scanner parts, and technical support and services for animal hospitals and veterinarian clinics. Or call us at 888-413-3835 and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Diagnostic Scanner Solutions for Animal Hospitals & Veterinarian Clinics

At ETEK Services, we have the physicists, engineers and the technical staff who understand the complex electronic and mechanical components behind computed tomography imaging and magnetic resonance imaging. ETEK specializes in providing pre-owned and refurbished diagnostic scanners, diagnostic imaging system support and services. CT scanners, CAT scanners, MRI scanners and mobile CT and MRI are part of every project we undertake.

Whatever your reason for removing or replacing an existing CAT scanner, installing a new GE CT scanner, investing in an MRI upgrade or searching for scanner maintenance service for your animal facility, ETEK Services has the technical talent and resources available when you need them.

At ETEK, we provide the following advantages for your vet and animal hospital CT and MRI scanner imaging needs:

  • 24/7 emergency services
  • Reduced system downtime
  • Trained and qualified engineers
  • Owned parts that are ready to ship

CT Scanners

It is a necessity for vet clinics and animal hospitals to facilitate a CT imaging scanner within their confines. Whether your facility requires a CT scanner that can accommodate small, medium, or large animals, we have options that fit your image scanning needs. If you have any questions regarding our CT imaging solutions for vets and animal hospitals, please reach out. We are here to assist you.

MRI Imaging Scanners

For animal hospitals and veterinarian clinics that are looking for a more technologically advanced solution for their client needs, we also offer a broad range of MRI scanner options. Our MRI imaging scanners can accommodate a wide range of animals, while providing enhanced imaging capabilities including heart studies. MRI scanners allow a veterinary clinic or animal hospital to provide more services and perform additional procedures.

Having an MRI scanner in-house is especially helpful for veterinary neurologists. For neurologists, having the ability to begin operating immediately after an MRI scan eliminates the need for two rounds of anesthesia, and minimizes the risks associated with anesthesia.

Mobile Veterinary & Animal Hospital CT and MRI Scanner Services

With mobile veterinary and animal hospital CT and MRI scanner capabilities, you can bring the imaging center directly to your clients. Our mobile capabilities allow you to cater to your client needs, without sacrificing standards of quality. Some of the custom options that we provide our mobile customers, include:

  • Numerous types of purchase, rental and leasing options.
  • Complete project customization to best suit your needs.
  • Flexible options to serve your clients better.
  • Advanced service and support options.
  • We offer our support 24/7—no down time!

Complete Turnkey Solutions for your Animal Diagnostic Imaging Needs

ETEK handles a turnkey diagnostic scanner project by taking on the responsibility for the entire project.  We work with you through all the project variables from finance to insurance. We consult with your facility to work out all the relevant scanner details for the installation, and when required, de-installation of the present unit.

From upgrading or refurbishing your existing equipment to supplying an entirely new system, we will customize the service contract to best accommodate your facility needs and requirements for an entirely smooth installation process.

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