Inside view of MRI scanner being serviced.

CT & MRI Scanner Ongoing Support

At ETEK Services we can provide removal or replacement services for CAT scanners and new or used CT scanner and MRI machines. We also provide detailed scanner maintenance services that can extensively monitor your machine at all hours of the day.

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CT & MRI Scanner Service & Support Protocol

At Etek our dedicated service and support staff is committed to providing you with the service and assistance that you require to keep your CT and MRI machines up and running, no matter the circumstances. We are continuously monitoring system helium levels and will immediately alert you if there is ever an issue with the magnet. If there ever is an issue with the magnet, our staff will immediately service your machine before any loss of helium is registered.

In addition, we provide precise email monitoring reports, as well as diagnostic air lock sweeps. These reports are designed to spot trends within the system, allowing them to be proactively repaired to reduce system down time. We can also provide system sweeps and detailed logs of all system activities as often as you need them.

Providing Detailed CT & MRI Scanner Support Services

Your diagnostic scanner and scanner service requirements may change over time due to several factors. ETEK Services can adapt to your facilities changing needs no matter the circumstances. Our knowledgeable staff can implement strategic protocols to address any of the following changes:

  • Changes in facility size
  • Varying patient loads
  • Reallocation of financial resources
  • Shifting areas of specialization

Customized CT & MRI Scanner Service & Support Contracts

Since needs differ from facility to facility, we offer individualized and non-conventional contract types. We are as flexible as necessary when providing scanner equipment or service. We offer a shared risk plan, for example, where customers ultimately determine the percent of participation that is best suited to their needs. We also offer a 24/7 service contract with no overtime.

A popular service contract option is a CAP contract. For a monthly or quarterly fee, ETEK provides:

  • Periodic maintenance
  • Free phone support
  • Guaranteed emergency response
  • A lower rate on time and materials

The CAP contract includes replacement scanner parts discounted an average 40% to 80% over OEM pricing.  In addition, we guarantee a CAP on the billing over the year. Billing is minimized if the equipment has little down time. If the equipment experiences a long down situation, the CAP covers you from going over budget for the entire year.

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ETEK Services provides you with the industry leading 24/7 service and support that you need to keep your machines functioning at the highest level. We can also act as consultants to back up your in-house scanner operators and maintenance personnel.  ETEK provides only the services you request and remains as flexible as necessary to match your requirements. Our outstanding CT and MRI services and ongoing support is what separates ETEK from one dimensional brokers and equipment dealers.